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Red Protection Knot | Yak Bone 108 Mala

Red Protection Knot | Yak Bone 108 Mala

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Discover serenity with our exquisite 108 mala beads, handcrafted from authentic Yak bone. Symbolizing strength and impermanence in Tibetan Buddhism, each bead is a testament to resilience and mindfulness. Adorned with a Tibetan Astrology sign pendant and a red knot, this mala invites spiritual alignment and inner reflection.

· Type: 108 Mala Beads
· Material: Yak bone 
· Tibetan Astrology Pendant: Brass
· Thread: Cotton
· Size Beads: 12x5mm
· Process: Handmade ( Up to three days)
· Package: Eco envelop

This mala features a Tibetan Agate bead, renowned for its grounding and stabilizing properties. Tibetan Agate is believed to promote inner strength, balance energies, and offer protection against negative influences. 

In addition, the mala features white copper beads engraved with the sacred mantra 'Om Mani Padme Hum

Within this mala, you'll find a symbol crafted from white copper, intricately engraved with the 12 astrological signs. In Tibetan Buddhism, astrology holds profound significance, offering guidance along the spiritual journey and illuminating the interplay between cosmic forces and human life. The other part above is also made of white copper.

Within this meticulously handcrafted mala, you'll encounter another symbol crafted from brass, adorned with four Chinese characters. These characters hold profound meaning, translating to 'Holding hands, growing old together.' Symbolizing the enduring bond of companionship and unity, this addition enriches the spiritual journey embarked upon with this sacred mala.

Counters Bell and Dorje Amulets are made of Copper
In the Vajrayana context, practitioners utilize the bell and dorje as important symbolic ritual items. At the outer level, these two implements represent the indivisibility of means (vajra) and the wisdom recognizing emptiness (bell). Additionally, the mala is adorned with a vibrant red knot, symbolizing protection and auspiciousness, further enhancing its spiritual significance.

A crescent-shaped, hand-held ritual, used in the tantric ceremonies of Vajrayana Buddhism, commonly known as the "knife of the dakinis". It is made of copper.

The mala features charms that embody key aspects of Tibetan Buddhism made of brass. Tibetan Astrology Charm: Reflects cosmic guidance and insight. Prayer Wheel Charm: Symbolizes continuous prayer and spiritual merit. Wheel of Dharma Charm: Represents Buddhist teachings and the path to enlightenment. The main part of mala is made of horn. 

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