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Invoking blessings-Yak Mala Beads

Invoking blessings-Yak Mala Beads

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Yak bone mala beads are a piece of traditional and sacred jewelry used in the Buddhist tradition. The sourcing of the bones is strictly regulated, as they must come from animals that have died of natural causes. This is because it is believed that the negative karma that is created from slaughtering the animal outweighs the positive effects of the spiritual engravings of mantras such as "Om Mani Padme Hum".

・ Beads Material: Yak Bone
・ Main Bead: Old Yak bone
・ Size Beads: 10mm and 12mm
・ Thread: Rope
・ Process: Handmade (Up to five days)
・ Package: Eco envelop

Yak bone has the old honey waxy texture, years of traces of embellishment with a little delicate bone grain.

This necklace comes in two sizes: 10mm and 12mm

Brass Clip

You can also order the necklace with counters

Horn, Wood Cloud and Yak Bone
Metal parts are made of copper
Beeswax Bead
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