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Karma and Rebirth-108 Mala Beads -Natural Camel Bone

Karma and Rebirth-108 Mala Beads -Natural Camel Bone

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Unlock the secrets of your soul with our Karma and Rebirth 108 Mala Beads, crafted from natural camel bone. Each bead represents a moment in your personal journey of self-discovery, as you explore the intricate cycles of karma and rebirth. With each mindful breath, allow the gentle texture of the beads to guide you toward inner peace and enlightenment. Let the wisdom of the ages be your companion as you embark on a journey of transformation, one bead at a time.

· Type: 108 Mala Beads
· Material Beads: Camel bone 
· Om Sign: Silver
· Size Beads: 9x8mm 
· Process: Handmade (Up to three days)
· Package: Eco envelop

Silver Om Sign

Beeswax Bead ( Old Honey Wax)

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  • Enjoy a complimentary amulet with every purchase as a small reminder of Lhasa. This is collection of waterproof amulets, found in Lhasa's shops.

  • Styles include White Tara, Green Tara, Vajrapani, Manjushri, Mahakala, and Dzambhala (Wealth God). This is our gift to you.

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Care Instructions

  • Avoid frequent exposure to water and chemicals.
  • Regular handling will help maintain the beads' luster.
  • For best results, ensure hands are clean before use. If beads become sticky, wear gloves to continue handling evenly.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful mala , top quality , just perfection 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Excellent Mala

Came exactly as pictured, has a nice weight to it that makes it so you don't forget it's around your neck. The color of the beads are unlike any other I have seen, truly a one of a kind piece!