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Dance of Impermanence | Citipati 108 Yak Bone Mala

Dance of Impermanence | Citipati 108 Yak Bone Mala

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Experience the spiritual depth and tradition with our Authentic Tibetan 108 Yak Bone Mala, meticulously crafted for dedicated practitioners. Made from aged yak bones (seven years or more), these malas are selected for their exceptional quality and natural beauty. Each bead embodies the dedication and reverence of Tibetan craftsmanship.

  • Material Beads: Old Yak Bone
  • Citipati Pendant: Old Cypress Pine
  • Main Beads: 16mm in diameter, strung on thick cotton thread.
  • Process: Handmade (Up to three days)
  • Package: Eco-friendly envelope

Unique and Rare: Each mala is distinct, featuring beads crafted from rare, large-sized yak bones. This high-quality material is exceptionally rare and challenging to produce in large quantities.

Authentic Material: Made from aged yak bones, which have been naturally aged in a shady environment and oiled to prevent cracking, ensuring both durability and longevity.

Quick Oxidation: The beads' surfaces naturally oxidize, forming a protective layer that enhances their beauty and spiritual significance.

Superior Craftsmanship: The unique honeycomb structure of the yak bones develops during the aging process, and any internal residues will gradually wear away, making the mala even more comfortable over time.

Natural Odor: Initially, there may be a slight natural odor that will dissipate over time, varying with individual sensitivity to scents.

Rich in Oil: Made from old yak bones rich in oil, these malas undergo a quicker and more beautiful oxidation process.

Eco-Friendly Materials: We insist on choosing raw, eco-friendly aged yak bones, avoiding synthetic, oil-filled, dyed, or defatted bone products.

Tibetan Astrology Circle (Yellow Copper): Crafted from yellow copper, these beads represent the Tibetan Astrology Circle, adding historical and spiritual depth to the mala.

Small Dice (Bone): Crafted from bone, these small dice add a unique and playful element to the mala, symbolizing chance and fortune.

Kapala Head (Yak Bone): Made from yak bone, the Kapala head beads are a traditional Tibetan element symbolizing the impermanence of life.

Phurba Pendant (Bone): This intricate pendant is made from yak bone and features a Phurba design. It symbolizes the indestructible nature of enlightenment.

Tibetan Beast Head Spacer Beads (White Copper): These spacer beads are crafted from white copper and depict traditional Tibetan beast heads, adding a touch of cultural significance and uniqueness to the mala.

Camel Bone Dice: Crafted from camel bone, these small dice add a unique and playful element to the mala, symbolizing chance and fortune.

Agate Beads: Featuring unique and beautiful agate beads, known for their grounding properties and stunning appearance.

Agate Beads

Bell and Dorje Amulets are made of Copper.
In the Vajrayana context, practitioners utilize the bell and dorje as important symbolic ritual items. At the outer level, these two implements represent the indivisibility of means (vajra) and the wisdom recognizing emptiness (bell). 

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  • Enjoy a complimentary amulet with every purchase as a small reminder of Lhasa. This is collection of waterproof amulets, found in Lhasa's shops.

  • Styles include White Tara, Green Tara, Vajrapani, Manjushri, Mahakala, and Dzambhala (Wealth God). This is our gift to you.

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  • Avoid frequent exposure to water and chemicals.
  • Regular handling will help maintain the beads' luster.
  • For best results, ensure hands are clean before use. If beads become sticky, wear gloves to continue handling evenly.

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