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Yama Necklace- 108 Mala Beads- Old Yak

Yama Necklace- 108 Mala Beads- Old Yak

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Item type: Necklace
Material: Yak bone 
Main Square Bead: Red Sandalwood
Green Bead: Lampwork Glass
Metal parts: Copper
Yama Pendant: Brass
Size Beads: 10 /12mm
Process: Handmade ( Up to three days)
Package: Eco envelope

Yama, the angry dharmapala who rules the Hell Realm, is the beast with the Wheel of Life in his hooves. Yama's dreadful visage, which stands for transience, prowls over the summit of the Wheel. Yama is not wicked despite his appearance. He is a being whose sole purpose is to defend Buddhism and Buddhists. Even though we may be afraid of death, it is just unavoidable and not evil.

Two Size Beads: 10mm and 12 mm
Also, the pendants are smaller compared to the 12mm necklace

Yak bone has the old honey waxy texture, years of traces of embellishment with a little delicate bone grain.


This Yama pendant is made from brass
Other parts are lampwork glass, yak bone beads and copper
This small golden part contains six true words- om mani padme hum 
These are all the parts of 10mm size beads necklace

The 12m necklace includes a kapala, which is also made of yak bone, but with a different making technique

Red Agate Bead


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