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Yama Bracelet- Old Bodhi Seed Root

Yama Bracelet- Old Bodhi Seed Root

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Item Type: Bracelet
Material: Bodhi Root & Horn Ring
Yama Pendant: Brass
Thread: Cotton
Process: Handmade (Up to three days)
Package: Eco envelope

Bodhi Root” Buri Palm Nut Prayer Beads

Called Bodhi Root, these beads are made from the nut of the Buri palm tree. Symbolizing rebirth, every part of the tree is used to make a variety of items, from food to furniture. The natural form of the nut looks like a little brown watermelon and is white inside.

The beads are coated with oil, which gives them a characteristic shine

The beads has specific earth tones

Yama Pendant is made of brass. 
The bracelet also has a wheel and zodiac sign made of brass and Tibetan Silver


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