Yak Bone- Sun & Moon Bracelet

  • $25.00

Item Type: Bracelets
Material: Yak bone
Main Beads Size: About 8x3mm
Length: Adjustable
Package: Eco-envelope
Handmade Process: Up to three days

Because the Tibetan people revere and need the Yak, every single bit of the animal is used upon it’s death.

But when it comes to the sacred Yak bone jewelry used in their Buddhist traditions, the rules are strict: the animals must die of natural means.

This is because the negative karma that is created from slaughtering the animal outweighs the positive effects of spiritual engravings of mantras such as Om Mani Padme Hum.

When something serves a spiritual purpose, it is believed that it should be as pure as possible.

Practicing Buddhists also view Yak jewelry as a reminder of the impermanence of life; it’s a way to help them dive deeper into their spiritual quest…a familiar theme throughout much of Buddhism.

Source: Sivana

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