Semi-Precious Stone Bracelets

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Item Type: Bracelet
Material: Semi-Precious Stone
Metals Type: Silver Plated 
Length: 14-20cm (Adjustable)
Package: Eco-envelope
Handmade Process: Up to three days

Lapis lazuli has been mined in Afghanistan for over 6,000 years. It has also been mined in Chile but it can be found in several countries including Burma, India, Angola, Siberia, USA and Pakistan. Each stone has a color like no other in a combination of blue, black and gold.

In ancient times it was used to make dyes. The color was used in many religious clothings of high priests or ruling members in ancient Egypt who traded valuable items for this dye. Ancients also used it as a seal, jewelry, gemstone beads, beautiful mosaic tiles, amulets, vases, and it was considered as the sapphire of the ancients.

It is a semi precious stone known for its intense blue color. There are not many other blue stones that can rival the intensity of good Lapis. The most sought after type is the intense blue with a light dusting of little flecks of golden pyrite. Gemstones with no white calcite veins and only small pyrite inclusions are even more prized and make ideal beads for necklaces.

Tiger Eye gemstone helps to clarify one’s awareness. It is sometimes referred to as the stone of commitment because it helps to form clear and defined ideals around responsibility to relationships.

Physically, tiger eye is thought to relieve the abdomen, strengthen the navel chakra, and clear the circulatory system to a more uniform and consistent flow.

Emotionally, tiger eye symbolises an urgency to complete unfinished communications and bring an end to relationships and projects.

In addition to, it also provides alertness, persistence, conveys positive energy, and eases despair. It can encourage harmony, self-integration, as well as, improve life force by managing properly the emotional and sexual power, as well. In human terms, the attributes of endurance and proper timing are quite related.

This is because of their potential of acquiring material objects and other non-material attributes that an individuals desires to filled with. However, the golden color of this bead symbolizes the higher concepts and spiritual values; meanwhile the brown tone connects to the manifestation of powers on earth.

Therefore, tiger’s eye assists in expressing the spiritual concepts on the physical aspect. Also, it amplifies the self-assurance, and reassures our capability to understand our own visions. For meditation, this bead is the most sought-after, especially when positioned on the center.

Obsidian is formed from lava from volcanic eruptions that have cooled. Once cooled the rock forms as solid volcanic glass. It is mostly black but comes in a number of colours including rainbow stones that are green, purple, brown, green and blue. Due to its hardness in ancient times it was appreciated for its razor-sharp edges and mostly used in spears and arrows. These days it has been used for assembling machines, visors, maces, mirrors and ornaments.Obsidian assists shielding wearers against depression. Obsidian helps protect against depression and block negativity. It is an excellent mineral, which can soak up and change pessimistic energies to optimistic

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