Necklace Fish -Bodhi Seed with Tagua Nut and Cloisonné

  • $24.00

Many Hindu groups follow a strict vegetarian diet, so most do not eat fish.  However, a fish is central to a key creation story in the Hindu sect of Vaishnavism.  Vishnu, the Supreme God of the Vaishnavism, had ten different avatars, or incarnations, on Earth.  His first avatar, Matsya, is often depicted as a fish or half man-half fish.  Legend holds that Matsya appears to Manu as a small fish and asks for protection.  In return, he promises to help him survive a great flood.  Matsya grows under Manu’s care and eventually, Manu releases him into the ocean.  When the epic flood comes, Matsya guides Manu’s boat to safety.  When the flood subsides, Manu realizes he is the only survivor and charged with repopulating the human race.

Item Type: Necklace
Length: 14.17"(28.34" Circle) Adjustable
Pendant Size: 0.74" - 0.78"
Metals Type: Cloisonné

Chain: Rope
Pendant (Fish): Bodhi Seed
Pendant (Flower): Tagua Nut
Package: Eco envelope

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