108 Mala Beads with Sipaho Melong Mirror Wheel of Life Pendant

  • $87.00


Item Type: Necklace
Length: About 26.7" (Circle)
Pendant Size: 1.25"
Material: Daemonorops margaritae's seeds & Mother of Pearl
Material Pendant: White Copper
Process: Handamde (Up to three days) 
Package: Eco box


Sipaho (Srid-pa-ho) is a sacred chart with the symbols of Tibetan astrology, including its indian and chinese forming with the image of "magic square" in the center, 8 trigrams (Ba gua), 12 zodiac animals , Buddhist symbols , fringing the amulet image a Big Golden Tortoise. The Sipaho (Srid-pa-ho) is a wheel of protection based on traditional Tibetan calendar charts. Calendar charts are viewed as auspicious representations of natural cycles associated with stability, predictability, and regularity. The symbols they bear, all closely related to time, counteract the negative influence associated with planets, seasons, cosmic phenomena, and natural events and support stability and balance in nature and in human lives.




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