Necklace 108 Mala Beads Prayer - Rudraksha with White Copper

  • $98.00

The word Rudraksha has its etymological beginnings in the two Sanskrit words "Rudra" and "Aksha" meaning Lord Shiva and Teardrops respectively. According to "Shiva Purana", Lord Shiva once went into deep meditation for the well being of all living creatures. When he woke up, he opened his eyes and tear drops fell on the Earth. These tear drops took the form of seeds that later on became the Rudraksha tree. Rudraksha therefore means 'The Tear of Lord Shiva'. The dry seed-capsules from the Rudraksha tree form the rudraksha beads, which are being used as a rosary and are also worn as a chain.

Item Type: Necklace
Pendant Size: 2.5cm
Length: 35.43" (circle)
Metals Type: Silver
Material: Rudraksha
Main Beads Size: 0.31" x 0.23"
Package: Eco box (Kraft paper)

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