Bracelet Tibetan - Smoky Crystal & Pure Crystal - Handmade

  • $24.00

Item Type: Bracelet
Clasp Type: Stretch Bracelet
Main Beads Material: Rudraksha 0.31"x 0.23"
Material: Smoky Crystal & Pure Crystal
Handmade Process: Up to three days

Rudraksha beads are covered by an outer shell of blue color and when fully ripened, it is also called as blueberry beads which are very sweet in taste and can be used for varieties of treatments for diseases like indigestion, vomiting, cuts, and injuries etc. After peeling the outer shell, we can see the actual Rudraksha beads with different faces. Beads of Rudraksha are thorny, rough and have variable macro surface feature. The surface is segmented into the variable number of ridges that give rise to different mukhis. The natural Rudraksha is different in macrostructure from one bead to other. Rudraksha beads come in mainly light brown in color but as the age of Rudraksha increases, it changes its color from brown to black and also changes its color to black after it is worn for a long time.

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