Eight Auspicious Signs Bracelet - Blue Hawk's Eye Stone

  • $26.00


Item Type: Bracelet
Material: Semi-Precious Stone ( Blue Hawk's Eye Stone)
Metals Type: White copper(30% silver)
Clasp Type: Stretch Bracelet
Main Beads Size: 0.31"
Package: Eco-envelope

Blue-gray or Blue hued tiger eye is beheld as the Hawk’s Eye. Similar to the Golden Tiger Eye reflects the varied charismatic bands. The multiple fine layers of the quartz that is fused in the Hawk's Eye proffer the silky appearance and enhances the beauty of the stone. South Africa is considered as one of the primary sources of Hawk’s Eye extraction, but too can be pulled from the regions of India, California and Sri Lanka. 

The dark blue tints of Hawks Eye help the soul to turn the ideas into reality and bring positive changes in the life. It is too acknowledged as the creative stone due to its ability to convert the thought into a reality. As a potent physical healer, it mends the cells as well as their functioning to attain the perfect physique. The reverberating energies of the stone too believed to gather the courage to deal with the emotional ups and downs of the life and strengthen the heart to deal with the distressing emotions to center the self.

As charming nugget, Hawk's Eye is acknowledged as the magical gemstone that builds a protective screen all around the torso to guard against the threats of life. Recognized to aggrandize the soul, it brings knowledge and clarity in the thoughts to see the reality of the life. 

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