Ancient Ghanta & Om Mani Padme Hum Bracelet Bracelet

  • $23.90

Bracelets Type: Bangles
Metals Type: Copper
Plating: Antique Bronze Plated
Charms: Coconut Shell & Daemonorops Margaritae's seeds
Method of Making: Rope Braided on Copper
Main Charm (Ghanta): Copper 
Size: Adjustable (15-20cm)
Package: Eco-envelope
Process: Handmade (up to three days)

Ghanta - The bell is rich in symbolic meaning and power. Mainly the bell is the mandala of Prajnaparamita, the Great Mother, she from whom all reality comes forth. By its sound, the bell invites or attracts the deities to attend or participate and warns or drives away obstructing forces. The ringing of the bell can remind one of the emptiness of phenomena or bring the mind into greater awareness. As a musical instrument, its sound can be an offering to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.


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