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108 Mala Beads- Bodhi Root Necklace

108 Mala Beads- Bodhi Root Necklace

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Item Type: Necklace
Material Beads: Bodhi root
Zodiac Sign: Copper
Bodhisattva Pendant: Natural Wood
Beads Size: 10/9 mm
Process: Handmade (Up to three days)
Package: Eco envelope

Bodhi Root beads are made from the nut of the Buri palm tree. Symbolizing rebirth, every part of the tree is used to make a variety of items, from food to furniture. The natural form of the nut looks like a little brown watermelon and is white inside.

Copper Pendant

Tibetan Sliver

Om Mani Padme Hum Sign- Bodhi Root
Tibetan Signs- Tibetan Silver
Bodhisattva Pendant- Wood


Natural beads

Tibetan Agate


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